Case study of system SAS-PBX implementation in governmental institution with 50000+ extensions


Customer operates large network containing dozens of PBX geographically spread in various regions. Network is divided on topological area with quantity of users and administrators of system SAS-PBX. System has been operated and actively used since year 2008 until now and is being constantly updated to the last release.

The goal of using system SAS-PBX were several key points:

  • implement central administration of extensions and mobile phones
  • insure recognition of telecommunicating expenses on cost centers and private subjects
  • automate derecognition of private telephone calls
  • automate central and regional telephone directories
  • integrate regional connection workplace


Final state after implementation of system SAS-PBX includes following:

  • instalation of 2pcs of SAS-PBX servers (production and backup) in various geographical locations
  • administration of all 98 PBX pending from central server, central administrator grants authorization to other users in the system
  • import of personnel and hierarchy is implemented automatically once a day from system SAP
  • derecognition of telecommunicating expenses automatically pending once per month by sending it to the system SAP and at the same time sending emails with cost breakdown to individual fields, all external operators's invoices are imported to the system (phone calls, rents of data connections)
  • participants confirm once a month private calling in participation functions of module SAS webDIR, call fax is exported to SAP and automatically deducted from salary
  • commissioning of central telephone directory, which fully replaced outdated list, launching another 8 regional telephone directories
  • 8 existing operator workplaces in two regions were replaced, 20 operator workplaces were launched in 8 regions overall, workplaces are autonomic independent of central server SAS-PBX
  • system SAS-PBX was connected on central oversight HP Open View, trap collection from module SAS SNMP Agent