Case study of system SAS-PBX implementation in bank institution with 2000+ extensions


Customer operates several PBX in Czechia and Slovakia. In addition, they have very loaded call center in operation with several millions calls per month. System SAS-PBX has been operated and actively used by customer since 2007 until now and constantly updated to the last version.

The goal of using system SAS-PBX were several key points:

  • implement central administration of extensions and mobile phones
  • insure recognition of telecommunicating expenses on cost centers
  • automate central telephone directory
  • provide detailed analysis of call center operation


Final state after implementation of system SAS-PBX includes following:

  • instalation of 1 piece of SAS-PBX servers
  • administration of PBX pending from central server, central administrator grants authorization to other users in the system
  • import of personnel and hierarchy is implemented automatically once a day from personnel system
  • derecognition of telecommunicating expenses automatically pending once per month by sending it to the economic system
  • commissioning of central telephone directory, which fully replaced outdated list
  • connection of central supervisory system to system SAS-PBX (alarms in PBX, trunk load, condition of SIP clients, condition of recording) 
  • analysis of CDR and QoS records in regular 15 minutes intervals 
  • automatic restarts and log out of unused SIP clients 
  • automatic generation of telephone directories for IP/SIP clients