Administration system SAS MD110

Effective system for administration of Ericsson MD110 PBX branches and parameters, with direct link to an organization's phonebook, tariff-tracking system, and other supplementary applications. All administration is carried out over a web interface, and the only application needed for the machine running the administration client is Microsoft Internet Explorer.

System functions

  • administration of a network of PBXs
  • performing of operations on groups of PBXs
  • branch maintenance (creating, deleting, editing)
  • abbreviated calls (creating, deleting, editing)
  • maintenance of groups
  • maintenance of authorization codes
  • administration of categories
  • administration of telephone relationships (e.g. boss-secretary)
  • synchronization of branch parameters
  • synchronization of global parameters
  • synchronization of names and phonebooks
  • user rights, recording of changes made
  • monitoring and evaluating alarms and blocked EQUs
  • automatic data backup

Creating branches

  • branches (analog, digital and generic)
  • groups (hunting and pickup)
  • definition of parameters
  • classification of names from the phonebook
  • abbreviated calls (mobile phones)
  • automatic link to phonebook application
  • automatic verification of integrity of data on PBXs
  • link to tariff-tracking system
  • link to branch topology

Editing of branch

  • modification of abbreviated calls
  • change of branch parameters
  • detaliled overview of parameters
  • automatic verification of the integrity of data on PBXs

Administration of alarms

  • automatic identification of alarms
  • sending information to e-mail or via SMS
  • historical overview of alarms
  • overview of alarms in branch and PBXs hierarchy
  • overview of participants affected by a malfunction
  • database of alarms, including supplementary informations (alarm description, description of error fixing process, etc..

PBX parameters

  • report on parameters
  • printout option
  • export to file
  • searching, sorting
  • diract importing of parameters from PBX

Phonebook Application

  • add-on application for SAS MD110
  • direct link to the true status of branches and abbreviated calls on PBXs
  • allows the keeping of multiple independent phonebooks
  • direct link to branch topology (external links, sharing of branches by multiple persons, searching)
  • searching by parameters (names, companies, departments, etc.)
  • supplementary information on participants
  • grouping participants by user-definable parameters (customer specification)
  • export to file (csv, txt, etc.)
  • open intranet application, access via a Web browser (Netscape 3+, Internet Explorer 4+)

Tariff Tracking

  • direct link to CALOM or other tariff-tracking systems
  • generation of tariffs tree from information on participants (number lists, up to 4 levels of grouping)
  • reports and export-to-file ability
  • supervision of call-cost limits for defined nodes of tariff tree
  • direct print out of invoice

Data integrity

  • automatic verification of the integriy of data on PBXs (PBX-PBX, PBX-database verifications run)
  • automatic confirming of changes (DUSYI)
  • sending of reports (results of integrity checks) to administrators
  • automatic/manual correction of integrity errors


  • overview of current alarms
  • overview of alarms in the hierarchy of PBX's hardware configuration
  • overview of blocked EQUs (branches and routes)
  • precise identification of an alarm via step-by-step drilling down into system hierarchy (PBX -> LIM -> MAGAZINE -> BOARD -> branch topology -> participant)
  • list of participants affected by an error state (critical departments, hotline, public relations department)


  • change to DIR, EQU or participant
  • swapping DIR or EQU
  • programming of telephony devices (KSANI, KSMDI, SPEXI, …)
  • programming of telephone relationships (boss-secretary)
  • groups (pickup, hunting)
  • automatic export of informations for tariff-tracking system

Branch topology

  • administration of a complete branch-topology network
  • grouping of external lines into the topology
  • grouping of paralell sockets
  • reports that makes the task of creating a topology easier

Other system properties

  • the user interface is provided over http protocol (and thus no client software need be installed: administration takes place in the environment of Internet Explorer 5.5+)
  • PBXs are hooked in to the system over either TCP/IP or a serial interface
  • direct link betwee the system and the company's personnel department (sending of reports on employees that have freshly joined/left company)
  • the database can be initialised per the existing states of PBXs in the network to be administered (the system can thus be put in place over already-configured PBXs)
  • viewing of PBX parameters without needing to be constantly logged in
  • sorting, searching, verification of integrity and other operations on relational tables
  • export to file (csv, txt, ...)
  • execution of the xxxxI, xxxxE, xxxxC commands; when an error occurs during command execution, the system returns PBXs to their original states
  • synchronization of system time and date at PBXs per the data in the SAS MD110 server
  • operation authorisation and logging (the time, date and user connected with each change or record is logged)
  • an extensive user-rights system, enabling effective division of labour among user